Desertopia 2 is a healing simulation mobile game that creates a miniature cycle ecosystem on deserted islands abandoned by mankind.

In the game, the player will play a snow monster awakened from the abandoned genetic laboratory, clear the waste on the desert island, replant plants, and regenerate creatures. Each island has a unique geographical environment and is suitable for the development of different ecosystems. Players will gradually unlock and collect hundreds of species of animals and plants in several islands.


Islands, Plants & Animals


Islands are habitats for animals, and each type of island has several different appearances, which also represent different resource productivity efficiencies. Islands can be purchased through amber. When players build a new island, they can place animals on the island and unlock new islands in sequence.

Plants and decorations

Plants and decorations will be determined when building the island. Players can influence the resource production efficiency of animals on the island by matching different plants and decorations.


Animals will be drawn using amber, and each drawn animal has its own attribute value, and resources can be produced when animals are placed on the island. There is a limit to the amount of amber that each animal can produce, and it is necessary to use the addition of plants and decorations to maximize the production capacity of animals.

The game has planned dozens of animals for players to cultivate and will be launched one after another. In addition to cultivating animals in the game, you can also directly purchase NFTs and import animals into the game.

Players need to use amber resources for animal breeding, and additional resources can be used during breeding to shorten the breeding time and harvest earlier, or increase the chance of cultivating rare animals.

Players will be rewarded when they unlock new animals. As you unlock more animals of different types, you will be able to get more cumulative rewards.


After players unlock a certain ecological bottle, they can gradually use amber to unlock the technology tree. Each technical point can improve the player's game efficiency, such as unlocking new ecological bottle recipes and improving resource collection efficiency.


Friends:After tracking friends, give each other resources, and receive rewards and messages from friends and officials in the mailbox.

Guild(Future Plan):Multiple players get on an airboat to explore the available resources in the old world. Participating members can bet resources to move the airboat forward. The more resources bet, the more you can decide the direction of advancement.

Guild Competition(Future Plan):A guild is formed by snow monsters from different laboratories and competes with other guilds for specific resource islands. There are multiple groups of meetings on the map at the same time. Players can preview the map and communicate the resource points they want to go to first, and they can also go to specific locations to hinder other teams.

DTT Token

The Utility of DTT

Token Vesting

Total Supply
Percentage of Total Supply
Private Sale
Public Sale
Staking Reward
Play to Earn
Ecosystem Fund

Play to Earn

We envision using the play to earn a portion of the issuance to reward key behaviors within our ecosystem such as:

  • Purchase animals and islands.
  • Enhance animals and get rare terrariums.
  • Using the Desertopia 2 marketplace.
  • Using future Desertopia 2 products that haven't been announced yet.

The Play to Earn allocation can be seen as a marketing budget for the Desertopia 2 ecosystem. When certain game modes and products are ready to be promoted, their play-to-earn allocation could be increased.

These allocations are something that could potentially be decided by governance over time.

The DTT earned through the Play to Earn allocation will initially be open for trading immediately, but our team will monitor the situation closely to decide if a lock-up on rewards is needed.